FreeFlow® Coil System

A Bronchoscope delivered Implant System

The Free Flow Medical FreeFlow® Coil System is a bronchoscope delivered Implant System designed to treat patients suffering from severe Emphysema to improve lung function, exercise capacity and quality of life.

The FreeFlow® Coil technology is intended to provide a reliable device and method to re-tension viable lung tissue. Coils are placed in the most severely damaged tissue to induce targeted mechanical lung volume reductions to restore tension in adjacent lobes and decompress more viable portions of the lung.

The System consists of sterile Implants that are pre-loaded in a Delivery Accessory and a separate sterile, disposable Catheter and Guidewire Delivery System.

The Coil technology has been studied and sold in Europe since 2012. The FreeFlow® Coil is the second generation Coil system that benefits from lessons learned over the past decade. We streamlined the system to reduce procedure time and enhance implant effectiveness.

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