Since Free Flow Medical’s start in 2017, major milestones and achievements have characterized our company journey:

Apr, 2022

Compass QCT Report launched in Europe

Jan, 2022

FreeFlow® Coil System launched in Europe

Sep, 2021

Completed design of advanced Delivery Accessory

Jun, 2021

First patient treated in EFFORT study (FreeFlow® Coil)

Apr, 2021

Filed IP on 3rd technology for COPD patients

Nov, 2020

CE Mark granted for FreeFlow® Coil

Oct, 2020

Free Flow Medical GmbH was formed

May, 2020

Closed Series B financing

Jan, 2020

Submitted Tech File for the FreeFlow® Coil System

Dec, 2019

Reimbursement for Coil technology in Germany established

Sep, 2019

Filed IP for 2nd technology

Jun, 2019

Started GLP Animal Studies

Feb, 2019

Closed Series A financing

Mar, 2018

Established Clinical Advisory Team

Dec, 2017

Filed first patents

Dec, 2017

Free Flow Medical was incorporated

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