FreeFlow® Coil

  • The Coil is a double anchor device, designed to cause lung volume reduction by anchoring and bringing two portions of the lung into closer proximity; which simultaneously decompresses and enhances function of less damaged tissue in other parts of the lung.
  • The implant’s distal anchor is specifically designed to maintain traction in severely diseased lung tissue.
  • The proximal anchor is an open lumen stent structure that provides traction in more central airways while enhancing airway patency.

Delivery Accessory

  • The Coil is packaged already attached to a Delivery Accessory shaft with a release handle which is used to advance and deploy the Coil. The Delivery Accessory can be used to reposition or even recapture the Coil before it has been released. Providing the implant already pre-loaded reduces procedural time as compared to previous Coil technology.

Delivery System

  • A braided reinforced Catheter guides the Coil to the deployment target location and protects the bronchoscope working channel throughout the procedure.
  • A custom Guidewire, designed specifically for airways, provides flexibility to easily track through the airway tree and help place the Catheter in position

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