Compass QCT Report

Advanced tools to support patient selection and treatment planning

The Compass Report provides an important tool for our customers to help them plan the best treatment options for their patients with emphysema. The Compass Report utilizes advanced quantitative CT analysis to report the magnitude of lung tissue destruction at a lobar level, lobar volumes and analysis of fissure integrity.

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  • Quantitative CT densitometry analysis in combination with visual assessment, medical history and pulmonary function testing has proven to be essential for optimizing treatment planning.
  • Coils are designed to be inserted into the most damaged lung tissue.
  • QCT densitometry analysis is the most accurate method for measuring tissue damage.
  • Free Flow Medical’s Compass Report utilizes advanced methods to discretize lobar and segment boundaries to report densitometry based emphysema destruction scores, fissure completeness, and lobar lung volume.
  • Several options are available for transferring HRCT data to perform the QCT-analysis.

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